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Over the past few weeks, I’ve had lots of opportunities to remember a fateful conversation I had in the summer of 1993. TAUNY Founder Varick Chittenden (whom I met through my employment at the St. Lawrence County Historical Association) called to say he had started an organization dedicated to documenting and presenting the living traditions of the region and he thought it had potential to be an important community organization in the North Country.  He invited me to come work with him to make this so. Being an underemployed college graduate at the time, I thought, “Why not?”

Within months, we held our first Salute to North Country Legends to honor recipients of TAUNY’s North Country Living Traditions award (then the North Country Heritage Award), and within a few months, we opened our first gallery, on West. St. in Canton.  From there, we didn’t look back.

So many times over the years, I’ve wished I could beam out to all passers-by what is happening at TAUNY events, whether they be workshops or demonstrations, live music or exhibit receptions.  One of the best things TAUNY does is to bring people together from across the North Country and beyond and from all walks of life to learn about and share the best aspects of our local culture.  That includes the long-established traditions, most of which are intrinsically connected to our landscape and climate, as well as the newer and emerging traditions brought to this place by people moving to the region and making a commitment to it.

Everyone who has spent any time with me knows that I deeply believe in TAUNY’s mission.  That alone, though, is not what has sustained me through the challenging times – and there have been many challenging times on the path to success.  Economic recessions, changing funding streams, and a pandemic.  We’ve been able to get through it all and prosper because of the shared commitment and loyalty people at TAUNY have to doing the work, no matter what.

I am so grateful to all the good, hard-working people who’ve served on TAUNY’s Board of Directors, served as advisors, or worked on the staff over the past 30 years. You know who you are out there: Thank you!

I’m also deeply appreciative to hundreds of individuals and businesses who’ve supported our work financially and cheered us on as the organization continued to grow and evolve. It’s been my pleasure to know you over the years and to hear from you how much you value what TAUNY is.  I hope all of you reading this will continue and even increase support for TAUNY as a new chapter begins. I believe the next big thing is around the corner!

30 years with TAUNY has been a great, great life experience for me.  My warmest regards to all of you who’ve been on the journey with me,

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