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Changing Places

Now on Display

The Fiberistas 2024 group slice features two pieces from each artist, called “Changing Places”. Each participating member will be making 1 slice and then a second with a reversal of fabrics as a juxtaposition or a mirror image. The ‘switch’ creates interesting contrast and gives the viewer a new perspective on how a fabric or other material changes the way we view an object or scene. There were no restrictions on size or content so each member has created their own interpretation. This will be the first time anyone has seen this group of quilts as TAUNY always gets to exhibit Fiberista’s exhibits first.

The Fiberistas are a North Country group who explore and expand the boundaries of fiber arts by creating textiles made with both traditional and innovative skills and fibers.

The Fiberistas: Kathy Burns, Donna Hastings, Ann Heidenreich, Sonja Jensen, Melanie Kimbler, Susan McAvoy, Rebecca Muir MacKellar, Adele Lunan Vandenburgh, Leah Zelkowitz

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