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Making Bissap with Lauren and Ena Diop
Making Bissap with Lauren and Ena Diop
“I’m from Canton, NY, where I live with my husband Abdoul and our four daughters, Ena, Coura, Rokaya, and Adaleen. I’ve been watching or helping in the kitchen with my mom and sisters for as long as I can remember, and it’s the same with my daughters, who always want to be cooking with me as well as making up their own creative dishes.

I love how food can bring people together and connect us back to people, places, and memories. Everywhere I have been able to travel has influenced my cooking, and recreating dishes transports me back to those places. The same I think is true for my husband, who is from Senegal. We eat Senegalese recipes weekly in our home, some of which I have learned from my husband's mother and sisters. We are grateful that our daughters love and regularly request drinks like bissap and Senegalese meals. This tradition provides the flavors and memories of home as well as giving our daughters that connection to their culture.” —Lauren Diop

For the Grow and Tell project, we visited Lauren Diop and her daughter Ena (Canton, NY) to learn about how they use the mint from their garden in making bissap. Watch this video of them sharing how they make this delicious drink that is very special to their family.

At the peak of the summer time, while everything is so green and lush, we paid a visit to herbalist, native plant conservationist, and TAUNY North Country Living Traditions Award recipient Jane Desotellle in Plattsburgh, NY for our Grow and Tell video project. Watch this video here, see how Jane grows her wild edible and medicinal garden, and listen to the stories that she shares about family, friends, traditions, and plants.
Tending the Wild Edible Garden with Jane Desotelle


Making Baklava with Ceyda Onaran Kartal 

Traditions of the Season Series 

When the month of Ramadan ends, the Muslim community celebrates one of the biggest festivals of the year, Eid al-Fitr. Ceyda Onaran Kartal shared with us how she normally celebrates the Ramadan Feast in Turkey, while making a tasty dessert (Baklava) that everyone loves! Hope you enjoy watching this newest video from our Traditions of the Season series, and try out this easiest recipe. Eid Mubarak!



A Grow and Tell Project Production
Never Tire Farm is the only wholesale greenhouse operator in St. Lawrence County and an important source for many small retailers in the area who supply plant starts directly to customers in the community. As part of the Grow and Tell Project, we visited Megan and Ray Bowdish, the owners of Never Tire Farm, and produced this video that provides some insight into the greenhouse business, and the ways they take care of the seeds and plants that many in the community depend on to grow food as well as flowers in their own home gardens.

The 2021 Grow and Tell Project, part of our collaboration with littleGrasse Foodworks Community Farm for the Folk to Table traditional foodways project, highlights how the food we grow reflects and helps sustain our food traditions.
Never Tire Farm: Hope in a Box
This project is made possible by support from the Cloudsplitter Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Maple Syrup Production Focus of New TAUNY Video

A new episode of TAUNY’s Traditions of the Season video series was released on April 14. Yancey’s Sugarbush: First Crop of the Year is a 30-minute documentary that features a family-owned sugaring operation in Croghan, NY, that has been in the Yancy family since 1844. Haskell and Jane Yancey, the fourth generation working in the sugarbush, made the most of a short 2021 season, with the help of their children and other seasonal helpers. The video, filmed and produced by TAUNY Communications Director Xiuke Wei, documents the entire process of sugaring, from tapping the trees, gathering sap with horses and tractors, to boiling and canning. Over the years, the Yanceys have resisted pressures to convert entirely to the use of plastic tubing and vacuum pumps for gathering sap, and continue to gather with buckets and horse-drawn tanks as well. Each sugaring season, the Yanceys receive visitors from all around the North Country and beyond. To them, sugaring is a family tradition, and a connection to the community that they have built over the years. 

To watch Yancey’s Sugarbush: First Crop of the Year go to Earlier episodes from the Traditions of the Seasons series are also available on TAUNY’s YouTube channel.

 A Visit to Jane Desotelle’s Garden


We took an off-season garden tour with herbalist Jane Desotelle, whose plant sanctuary is located in the city of Plattsburgh. Enjoy! And be inspired to plan for your own garden in 2021.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



“Traditions of the Season” Virtual Tour

From 2020 to 2021, TAUNY is taking you on a virtual tour of Traditions of the Season. We'll be checking in with people around the North Country to learn what they are up to at this time of year. 


For our first visit, we asked herbalist, native plant conservationist, and Heritage Award recipient Jane Desotelle (Plattsburgh, NY) to show us how to make a balsam wreath. Wreaths are both a family tradition for Jane and an important seasonal product in her business Underwood Herbs. This year, TAUNY is not able to offer our always popular wreaths that are made by Jane, but we hope you’ll be inspired to make one after watching the video. Click here to watch the video. 

For our second visit of “Traditions of the Season," we asked Efrat Ezra to share her recipe for delicious Kibbeh. This is a dish that she had on every Friday for lunch growing up in Israel. Efrat is a mother of four boys, a yoga teacher at Canton Yoga Loft , and the founder of Pirate Flo yoga wear. Watch the video here.


For years, visitors attending TAUNY events have enjoyed cookies made by Barbara Beekman, Canton. For our third Traditions of the Season video, we asked this amazing home baker and compulsive recipe collector to share her family’s favorite cookie recipes. If you love old-fashioned windmill cookies, watch the video here.


For the last Tradition of the Season video of 2020, we want to add a bit more sweetness to your holiday. So we asked TAUNY’s board member, an experienced London-born home cook Fran Moore (Canton, NY) to share one of her favorite December recipes: Bûche De Noël (Yule Log). This dessert comes out of French tradition, making its way to the North Country from Quebec. The recipe Fran is using is from TAUNY’s “Good Food, Serve Right” cookbook, and was originally shared by Madeleine Gray from Helena, NY. Click here to watch the video.  


To view all videos in this series click here, If you enjoy these videos and want to see more, please support us here. To underwrite future productions,  please contact


Is there a tradition that you carry on or love seeing happen around you at this time of year, that you'd like to tell us about or see represented in a future series? We'd love to hear about it! Drop us a line at

This “Traditions of the Season” Video series is made possible by the generosity of Stewart’s Shops.

Folkstore Artists Videos

Sue Ulrich: Basket Maker Sue lives in Boonville, NY. She loves to make traditional, functional baskets, especially packbaskets. Enjoy this visit to Sue's home and studio.   Watch the video here. Purchase Sue’s baskets here.  

William Parmer: TAUNY’s November, 2020 Folkstore Artist Spotlight features paintings by artist William Parmer, a North Country resident since 1975. As a plein air painter, he works in all kinds of weather, year-round. We recently visited William to talk about his working process and the way he expresses something essential about North Country life and land through his paintings. Watch the video here. Purchase William’s painting here.

Susan Robinson: Wildlife artist Susan Robinson has been painting the flora and fauna of our region for over 40 years. In this Folkstore Artist Video, Susan demonstrates her technique painting detailed animals and wild plants on driftwood she finds along the shore of Lake Ontario. Watch the video here. Purchase Susan’s work here. 

Roxanne Locy: Ceramicist Roxanne Locy’s Rockhead Creations studio is located in Canton, NY. Roxanne grew up on a farm in the North Country and started making her signature boldly colorful floral and whimsical pottery as a student at SUNY Potsdam and Rochester Institute of Technology School for the American Craftsman (where she earned her MFA). Watch this video to learn more about Roxanne’s work and see her creative process in action. Watch the video here. Purchase Roxanne’s Pottery here.

Kathy Lahendro: Kathy Lahendro of Rustling Leaves Design recently stopped by the Folkstore to show us her approach to jewelry making. Watch this video to learn about the variety of materials Kathy uses to make her jewelry and see her demonstrate her process and technique. Watch the video here. Purchase Kathy’s Jewelry here.

Tina Charbonneau: Tina Charbonneau, the artisan behind Petit Papillon Designs uses repurposed fabrics to make purses, tote bags, mittens, face masks, and more. Her mother taught her and her six sisters how to sew when they were very young. While teaching them technique, her mother also instilled the concept of creativity and resourcefulness. Watch the video here. Purchase Tina’s work here.

To be continued...

TAUNY partnered with Mountain Lake PBS to produce these pieces, which were part of a regional "Folk Arts" series on Mountain Lake PBS programs.

Prudence Matthews' 1000 Islands Rugs
Thrift stores and closets provide the material for the the beautiful hooked rugs created by folk artist Prudence Matthews. Folklorist Hannah Harvester visited Prudence to learn about how the 1,000 Islands region has inspired her work.

Master Luthier David Nichols
Folk artist David Nichols is a musician who can create the very instruments that he loves to play. He builds guitars that look and sound beautiful, using materials from as far away as Russia and as close as the Adirondacks.

Totem Pole Carver Andree Dennis Newton

In her father's footsteps: An Adirondack artist discovers the talent of carving totem poles passed on by her native ancestors and her father.

Francoise Ouimet's Wagon Wheel Rug Making
Francoise weave round rugs on antique wagon wheels with nails pounded into the frame.

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