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Seeing Red: A Love Affair with Family, Life on the Farm, and the Big Sky

Photographs by Carmen Gendebien

January 12 - February 2, 2019

In 2016, Carmen started photographing the striking red barn at the heart of her family’s farm in Lisbon, NY, in all seasons and moods. The growing collection of images makes a powerful statement about place and the relationship of human endeavor to the natural world over time. “I love that barn. I know it means a lot to a lot of people. I sometimes wonder, ‘What is this barn thinking?’ It has seen so much.” – Carmen Gendebien

“Seeing Red” is an exhibition of photographs shot by Carmen Gendebien with her iPhone, for the purpose of posting them on social media. The proliferation of iPhones, and great improvements in the cameras built into them, have made it possible for anyone with a phone to document local life, and immediately share the images with a large audience, in ways that used to be reserved for professional photographers.  Like most iPhone documentarians, Carmen never intended the photographs she takes with her phone to be made into prints; instead, she uses her phone to capture rapidly changing conditions of light and weather around her family's barn, and shares those images digitally as a way to stay connected with people she cares about, and to share life on the farm. Even though Carmen didn't have prints in mind when she was shooting, the images she's captured are striking in light and detail and make lovely prints, which we are proud to share in our gallery.

Funding for this exhibit is provided by Farm Credit East.

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