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Winter Wonderwall

Now through February 5

Help create a community winter mosaic!

Everyone is invited to come join us in the gallery any time during TAUNY’s open hours (M-F 10-5, S 10-4) to make a piece of artwork expressing something about your winter experience. Put it up on our gallery wall to create the community winter mosaic.

Prompts, arts and crafts materials, and workspace are provided on tables in the main gallery area. (Other arts and crafting activity of your own is also welcome, if you’d like to bring in your project and work in the space provided.) All ages are encouraged to participate, and no artistic experience is required.

Do you have a favorite winter activity, sight, or tradition? Can you think of a word or a story that captures something essential about the North Country winter experience? Come in from the cold and warm up with a bit of creativity!

February 13-March 19

Material Remains:

One Woman’s Life through the Eye of her Needle

Curated by historian Hallie Bond

Well into the twentieth century, rural women produced most of the textiles used in their homes.  Their quilts and coverlets are now prized by collectors for their looks, but what do they mean? And what about the other textiles— clothing and underwear, mittens, socks, hats, sheets, towels, curtains, rugs?

Louise Barrows Lowe (pictured at right) was born in 1874 and lived through momentous changes in American life before she died ninety-nine years and nine months later. Her needlework served practical purposes, but also expressed and strengthened the bonds between her and her family.This interactive exhibit will build an understanding about rural women’s lives through the material culture.  

OPENS February 13! Stop in for Pea Soup and Johnny Cake lunch that day from 11-2. Curator Hallie Bond will be on hand to discuss the exhibit.

In the Mini Gallery

February 13 - March

Fred Preyer

Fred Peryer has been making rustic furniture for more than 20 years. The grandson of a camp caretaker on Lake Ozonia, he grew up helping with boat and dock repair, getting a feel for woodworking in the process. He then went to BOCES to study building trades in high school. Later on, when his wife Bonnie wanted a bark and twig picture frame, he tried his hand at rustic woodworking with small items and went into larger furniture work from there. He gathers a lot of his materials from his own property and barters with others for the rest. He especially likes to work with odder-shaped pieces—the ice storm of 1998 gave him a lot of great material—and he enjoys the challenge and sense of accomplishment that comes with making something beautiful out of the materials he’s got on hand.

North Country Heritage Awards: Tidbits and Traditions (Case Exhibit)

Learn about this year's TAUNY Heritage Award winners through a collection of items representing important parts of their experiences. From a shredded hunting hat to a beloved mixing bowl, these objects are each a window into years' worth of stories, knowledge, and lived experience. Take a look to learn more about this year's recipients and the traditions and communities that they represent.


Warmth, Remembrance and Art:

200 Years of Quilts and Comforters in Northern New York

Quilts. There is power behind their basic purpose, to keep us warm, shelter our sleep, decorate our homes, and separate us from the outside. A quilt’s story can show us the unique characteristics of a region, a community, a family, or an artist.


This interactive exhibit explores the living traditions of quilting in the North Country. The exhibit occupies two galleries at The TAUNY Center and features more than 60 quilts and comforters, sewing tools and fabric samples, photographs and audio interviews, all with interpretive text.

The exhibition presents the findings of the Northern New York Quilt Project, a research effort organized and led by TAUNY that documented more than 600 quilts, and was made possible with funding from The Coby Foundation. The exhibit is also funded by The Coby Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Above at right is a detail of a signature crazy quilt. Signature quilts were often sent with people who were moving away as keepsakes and memories of their families back home.



Monday, February 8

4:00 - 5:00pm

The Goldenaires

The Canton Goldenaires is a fantastic and spirited a Capella singing group associated with The Barbershop Harmony Society. They are well-known for their WinterFest singing Valentine performances that raise money for local scholarships. You'll also find them singing at other benefits and community events. Come in out of the cold and let them warm your heart on the Monday afternoon of Canton's Winterfest.

Irish Music Masterclass with Dana Lyn and Kyle Sanna

Thursday, February 11


Acclaimed musicians Dana Lyn (fiddle) and Kyle Sanna (guitar) take what they call a “‘through the looking glass’ approach to Irish music.” Musicians and non-musicians alike are invited to join us for a special masterclass event at which you’ll have a chance to learn just what that means. Lyn and Sanna will offer a demonstration and answer questions about the techniques and traditions that make up their incredible sound, as well as the ways in which they’ve taken musical traditions in their unique direction.

Bring an instrument, or come just to listen and learn, and then head over to St. Lawrence at 8pm to hear them in concert!

Learn more about Dana Lyn and Kyle Sanna and find samples of their music at:

Saturday, February 13

Pea Soup and Johnnycake Lunch

“Material Remains” Opening

11:00am - 2:00pm

Join us for our famed annual Pea Soup and Johnnycake Lunch!

This year's celebration of North Country/French culture will also open "Material Remains: Life Through the Eye of One Woman's Needle" An exhibition featuring the needlework of Louise Barrow curated by historian Hallie Bond. See above for more details.

Pea soup is often served in Quebecois sugar shacks during maple season, and is made with split yellow peas, flavored with salt pork (for Saturday, there will be a vegetarian version as well), simmered till it’s good and savory, and served piping hot. It came to the North Country with the many Quebecois families who settled in the region, and its pairing with the cornmeal-based johnnycake reflects the meeting of Francophone and early American traditions.

TAUNY Kids Create: Jewish Holiday Cooking with Efrat Ezra of Congregation Beth El

February 24, 2016


$12 ($10 for TAUNY Friends)*

*(10% discount if you register for 3 or more out of the 4 spring workshops at once. More information about the series is available at this link.)

Efrat Ezra of 2015 TAUNY Heritage Award-winning Congregation Beth El will lead this cooking workshop based around the Jewish holiday Tu b’Shvat-- New Year of the Trees.

During the holiday, kids in Israel are planting new trees and families gather around to eat fruit and nuts. In Efrat’s family, and among many Sephardic Jewish families, there is a festive meal and the main dish is rice with a beautiful rich mixture of nuts and fruits, carrots, onion and garlic. At this workshop, kids will learn about spices and how to make the perfect rice as they help make this dish. There will be some chopping--kids who aren’t ready to use knives on their own should be supervised by an adult or older sibling.

TAUNY Dance Party Fundraiser featuring Miles to Go and the Noncommittals

Friday, February 26


Canton Best Western, 90 E Main St, Canton


Two local bands will play to benefit TAUNY!

Music and social hour featuring the jazz group Miles  to Go (Steve Manders, Michael Farley, Tom Baker, Ted Ritzko)
 8:00-10:00pm  It’s dance time with The Noncommittals! Classic rock and R&B with Barry Carson, Steve Manders, Nils Peterson, Ted Ritzko, Radio Bob Sauter and Ariel Shembry. 

Saturday, March 5


Sugaring Off Party

Good bye to the ice and snow of winter, and hello to Maple Sugaring Season!

Children and families are invited to celebrate maple sugaring season as French-Canadian families would have done a century ago.

A reading of “The Sugaring Off Party” by Jonathan London sets the tone, and then we step into the book with a recreation of the house party led by fiddler Gretchen Koehler and her family. They teach traditional French folk dances and songs, and share the secret to playing the spoons. Local maple producer Art Hurlbut makes wax-on-snow, and there are crafts and snacks for everyone. Please bring comfortable shoes to dance in.

Tout le monde danse! Everybody dance! This popular event is free and open to the public.

TAUNY Kids Create: Natural Egg Dyeing with Flip Filippi  

Saturday, March 19th, 10:30am-12pm

$12 ($10 for TAUNY Friends)*

*(10% discount if you register for 3 or more out of the 4 spring workshops at once. More information about the series is available at this link.)

To register: 315-386-4289 or

Space is limited and pre-registration is required.

Children and adults are invited to join Flip Filippi of littleGrasse Foodworks in this meditative nature-based art project. At the workshop, participants will learn about the tradition of egg decorating and will use a traditional technique of imprinting leaves and flowers onto eggs and dyeing with local plant dyes. All materials are provided, but participants are encouraged to bring leaves and flowers they would like to use in their designs. Weather permitting, the class might take a walk to gather materials.

For more information call 315-386-4289 or email

Quilters the Musical

Pendragon Theater, Saranac Lake, March 1:, 7:30 p.m.

Clayton Opera House, Clayton, March 12: 7:30 p.m.

Lewis County Historical Society, Lowville: March 13, 2:30

SUNY Potsdam: March 16 – 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm

Quilters the musical pays tribute to the courage and spirit of our nation’s pioneer woman. Ostensibly the story of a pioneer woman and her six daughters, Quilters uses the art of quilt making to blend a series of interrelated scenes into a rich mosaic that captures the darkness and beauty, the terror and joy, and the harsh challenge and abiding rewards of frontier life. The musical is produced in a partnership including TAUNY’s Northern New York Quilt Project, the SUNY Potsdam Crane Opera Ensemble and Department of Theater and Dance. Learn more or buy tickets here.

 TAUNY will host lobby presentations of the Northern New York Quilt Project at each performance of Quilters. Learn more about the hundreds of quilts documented in Northern New York State. These events will be followed by the opening of a major quilt exhibit at the TAUNY Center “Warmth, Remembrance and Art: 200 Years of Quilts and Comforters in Northern New York,” on April 2.

April 7

Ash Basketry in the Adirondacks

Lecture by TAUNY Executive Director Jill Breit

Old Chapel, Union College, Schenectady

5:30-6:30 p.m.

Followed by discussion and light refreshments.

Sponsored by The Kelly Adirondack Center at Union College

TAUNY Kids Create: Rustic Birdhouses with Fred Peryer and John Miller III

Nancy Wilder Palmateer Memorial Children’s Workshop

Wednesday, April 27th, 3:30-5pm

Free (Pre-registration still required for planning purposes)

(More information about the series is available at this link.)

Especially recommended for kids aged 7+

Build and decorate a rustic birdhouse, just in time to put it out for the spring bluebirds! Rustic furniture maker Fred Peryer will show participants how to put the birdhouses together, and historic souvenir paddle-painter John Miller III will guide kids in painting their birdhouses to decorate them. In this workshop, kids will use a hammer, nails, screws, and screwdriver. If they’ll need help with these tools, they should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling who can supervise.

This workshop is made possible by the Nancy Wilder Palmateer Memorial Fund. The fund was established by the Palmateer and Wilder families in 2015 to honor the creative side of Nancy Wilder Palmateer, to recognize her work with children, and to encourage hands-on engagement for young people.

This workshop is free, However, pre-registration is required by calling 386-4289. For further information contact us by phone or at

TAUNY Kids Create: Mini-Cheeseballs and Other Snacks with Rose Rivezzi

Wednesday, June 1, 3:30-5pm

$12 ($10 for TAUNY Friends)*

*(10% discount if you register for 3 or more out of the 4 spring workshops at once. More information about the series is available at this link .)

Get ready for Dairy Princess Weekend with this workshop, in which kids will learn to make a delicious savory treat using local cheddar and other fresh regional ingredients. Rose Rivezzi will show kids how to make these no-cook cheddar cream cheese balls, rolled in carrots or nuts, along with other fun and tasty summer snacks. Rose has done a number of kitchen demonstrations for TAUNY; she loves cooking within the season, putting food by, sharing food ideas and working with children and others to stir up excitement about good food made simply.

Space is limited, and pre-registration is required by calling 386-4289. For further information contact us by phone or at

Thank you to Nature’s Storehouse for supporting this workshop.


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