Local Artist & Community Scholar

Loretta is an artist with deep roots in the rugged land of Tug Hill and a folkloristic approach to painting. Her warmth, curiosity, and enthusiasm mean she’s always seeking people with interesting stories and looking for ways to share these stories with others. Besides her interests in local agricultural and woodland heritage, she is especially knowledgeable about the Polish American culture of her own family and of others in the area. Through her painting and project partnerships–including work like her series on family farms and her portraits of long-established Tug Hill residents–she documents not only individual experiences but a way of life and a sense of regional identity. She also shares regional experience through art, nature, and culture-focused workshops for children and families. Loretta is deeply proud of the hardy lifestyle of her community, and she is generous in sharing her knowledge of it. She has contributed endless hours of volunteer time—and hard driving through the Tug Hill snow—to projects for TAUNY and other organizations that present local history and culture to the public.


This feature on Loretta Lepkowski is a segment of the Profiles of North Country Heritage video TAUNY produced in 2017 in celebration of the year’s award recipients.

  • Award Year 2017
  • Categories Farm & Home, Religion & Ethnicity, Small Town
  • Region Tug Hill, NY
  • Award Evergreen