Lowville, Lewis County

Lloyd’s of Lowville is a classic American diner and a town landmark, but perhaps more importantly it is a fixture in the lives of its regulars and its employees, several of whom have been at Lloyd’s for 20 years or more.

These regulars are senior citizens who breakfast at Lloyd’s each morning, workers from the two factories just across the street who come on their lunch break for the blue plate special and scrumptious desserts, and the farmers and truck drivers who enjoy the fair prices and friendly service at this true community gathering spot.

The diner was built in 1939, and takes its name from its second owner, though current owner Blair Sandri has owned Lloyd’s since 1985. With its original wooden seats, booths, counter, and stools, its traditional diner food (including Friday fish-fries), and its coffee served in old-fashioned heavy diner mugs, this is no “retro” diner but the real deal, bespeaking comfort, longevity, and familiarity.

  • Award Very Special Place
  • Award Year 2000
  • Location Lowville, NY (Lewis County, Black River Valley)
  • Categories Cultural Landmark, Small Town