Early Covered Shopping Mall

Built in 1850 by Watertown native Loveland Paddock, the Paddock Arcade is the oldest continuously operated covered shopping mall in the country. It was built in the Gothic style, topped with a glass roof that allows daylight to filter through. Over the years, shops have generally occupied the bottom floor while the upper floors have been used for office space and residences. Community members treasure memories of the Arcade—from picking up fine women’s goods at Robinson’s to savoring the Karmelkorn shop’s popcorn and pralines. The Arcade is currently home to popular restaurants, a tavern, a martial arts studio, a bicycle shop, a bakery, and other boutique shops and offices. Businesses have changed over the years—these days you might pick up a cannoli instead of Karmelkorn—but at number 1 Public Square, the Arcade still functions as a shopping and business center, remaining the benchmark structure in Watertown’s historic downtown district. It also remains an important community gathering place, with holiday and civic events, a farmer’s market, and the annual Haunted Paddock Arcade bringing new generations through the doors.

  • Award Year 2017
  • Categories Cultural Landmark
  • Region Watertown, NY
  • Award Very Special Place