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Call for Teachers

Do you know how to spin wool, make candles, clog,
cook a traditional dish, decorate fungus, make baskets, quilt, knit, carve wood, weave, play the fiddle or washtub bass?

Do you have any other traditional skill you’d like to share with others?

Do you want to enrich the lives of others by teaching them the craft or art form you have mastered?

Would you like to be paid for doing so?

You might like to teach at TAUNY!

We are always looking for teachers of traditional skills to lead classes and workshop at The TAUNY Center or off-site. In general, we look for skills traditional to this region, or activities that enhance a connection to the North Country (such as nature walks). We’re particularly looking for dance teachers of all traditional dance forms (do not have to be traditional to the region). If you’re not sure whether your skill would be a good fit for TAUNY, just ask!

Our Program Director, Hannah Harvester, will work with you to determine the best format for your class. There are many options, from one-time workshops to ongoing weekly classes. We are looking for teachers for children, adults, or whatever age group works best for you.

We pay a minimum of $30/hour to our teachers if minimum participation is met. If that number of participants (usually set around 5 or 6) is exceeded, we pay more. We pay $0.25/mile for those living more than 30 miles away. If minimum participation is not met, you may choose to teach the class for a lower pay rate or cancel the class. We will work with you to determine the minimum participation. We generally pay for instruction hours only, not preparation time.
If you’re interested in teaching a class, please email or call (315) 386-4289 to speak with Hannah. In your email, please let us know the skill or skills you are interested in teaching, how you learned that skill, dates and times you’d be able to teach, and what if any teaching experience you have. Thanks – we look forward to hearing from you!

Helen Condon teaches rug braiding (top) and Ron Riley teaches woodcarving. Photos by Hannah Harvester.

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