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Kindred Pursuits: Folk Art in North Country Life

A nonprofit organization dedicated to showcasing the folk culture and living traditions of New York's North Country.

Explore this site to discover the diverse customs and traditions--like storytelling, music, crafts, foodways, and folk art--that make life special in our region, from the St. Lawrence River to the Adirondack Mountains. 



Upcoming Events & Programs

Introducing: The Newberry Cafe at The TAUNY Center

Every third Wednesday of the month will feature culinary artist Andre bringing Crepes & Coffee. Andre grew up near St Etienne, a former coal and manufacturing hub, and home to the first train line in France! A mainstay was the crepe booths strategically located near tramway stops. A little pocket change could buy you a fresh, warm, and perfectly chewy crepe with a sprinkling of sugar (or Nutella when a few more Francs were to be found). Andre is excited to re-create this experience.

Though not formally trained, Andre spends much of his spare time in the kitchen trying new recipes and perfecting classics. As a researcher, he focuses on nudging policy (mostly in the housing and transportation sectors) toward more sustainable practices that strengthen communities and create a more equitable future. His vision for the Newberry Café is a warm and welcoming space, a near zero-waste kitchen, and food that showcases local ingredients and invests back in the community.

The name “Newberry Cafe” is derived from the J.J Newberry Co. a variety store the building occupied for nearly 60 years. Newberry’s, founded by John Josiah Newberry in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, was a successful five-and-dime store chain throughout the U.S. and Canada through most of the 20th century. It was a beloved store that served generations of Canton residents.

The mission of The Newberry Cafe at the TAUNY Center is to feature local culinary artists who represent the wide variety of foodways and kitchen stories to bring together our community with local, sustainable foods that represent the best of traditional culture in the North Country.

Building A Lap Dulcimer Success!

TAUNY staff and Creatives Rebuild New York artist Dan Duggan had a great time building these lap dulcimers together with new students students and had a chance to try learn a few songs at TAUNY.

All of these students will play a few songs to open the Jamcrackers concert at TAUNY on April 12th at 7pm.

This workshop is made possible by the Nancy Wilder Palmateer Memorial Fund. This fund was established by the Palmateer and Wilder families in 2015 to honor the creative side of Nancy Wilder Palmateer, to recognize her work with children, and to encourage hands-on engagement for young people.

Changing Places

Now on Display

The Fiberistas 2024 group slice features two pieces from each artist, called “Changing Places”. Each participating member will be making 1 slice and then a second with a reversal of fabrics as a juxtaposition or a mirror image. The ‘switch’ creates interesting contrast and gives the viewer a new perspective on how a fabric or other material changes the way we view an object or scene. There were no restrictions on size or content so each member has created their own interpretation. This will be the first time anyone has seen this group of quilts as TAUNY always gets to exhibit Fiberista’s exhibits first.

The Fiberistas are a North Country group who explore and expand the boundaries of fiber arts by creating textiles made with both traditional and innovative skills and fibers.

The Fiberistas: Kathy Burns, Donna Hastings, Ann Heidenreich, Sonja Jensen, Melanie Kimbler, Susan McAvoy, Rebecca Muir MacKellar, Adele Lunan Vandenburgh, Leah Zelkowitz

Spotlight Artist: Virginia Burnett

Virginia has always been “irresistibly drawn to textiles and to things that sparkle.” As a young girl, she developed an appreciation of handcrafts from watching both of her grandmothers create a variety of beautiful textile art. She took weaving as an independent study in her senior year in college, but ultimately became fascinated with beadwork. Beadwork led to silk dying, and then to Shibori, quilting, embroidery, felting, crocheting and yarn dyeing. 

The TAUNY Folkstore’s collection of Virginia’s work represents both her textile art and bead jewelry. Her “Garden Companion” necklace won first place in Interweave’s Bead Embroidery category for 2023.


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