Benson, Hamilton County
Traditional Adirondack Musician


Ermina Pincombe of the Town of Benson in southern Hamilton County, near Northville, is a descendant of early pioneers of her town and a lifelong resident herself. She grew up surrounded by family and neighbors who loved, played and sang music. She learned Civil War era tunes and lyrics from uncles and a variety of old songs – romantic ballads, sentimental love songs, etc. – from early radio and recordings. At age 78, she continues to sing and play “rousing beautiful songs” on guitar, fiddle, banjo and mandola for community gatherings and nursing home residents in her area. Her son David is a fine singer and often accompanies her. Ermina is Town of Benson Supervisor and active in many local and regional organizations. She is also an avid outdoorswoman and skilled hunter.

  • Award Inherited Traditions
  • Award Year 2008
  • Location Benson, NY (Hamilton County, Adirondacks),
  • Categories Music & Dance