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Folkstore Artist Spotlight

The Folkstore Artist Spotlight (FAS) is a special showcase of work from a local artist or group of related artists. These exhibits highlight the local living traditions of the North Country through locally-made products which are on view and for sale in The TAUNY Center. The Folkstore Artist Spotlight Series also allows TAUNY to present a greater range of work by these local producers.   

Current Folkstore Artist Spotlight

Folkstore Artist Spotlight:
Ola Aldous

TAUNY presents an exhibit of colorful paintings based on the rural North Country landscape in its latest exhibit, ďFolkstore Artist Spotlight: Ola Aldous,Ē currently on view at The TAUNY Center. Ola Aldous, a North Country transplant from the Soviet Union, finds her inspiration for her oil paintings at her husbandís family farm in DeKalb, NY where she lives and works. In her work, which she calls ďobservational painting,Ē she creates improvisations based on her environment and the beautiful landscape of the farm. Drawing inspiration from the colors of everything on the farm, she seeks to express in her work the vibrant colors she sees around her. The paintings in the exhibit are for sale and will be on display through October 28, 2017. The Folkstore Artist Spotlight series highlights the work of regional artists and artisans and allows TAUNY to present a greater range of work by these local producers.

This exhibit of work from Ola Aldous includes improvisational paintings inspired by the landscape on the family farm, portraits of her family and friends, and a few pieces made by her daughter. Aldousís paintings are often compositions with many layers underneath, some created in a day, some in a year. Some of the paintings even include evidence of scratches and pecks of her cats and chickens.

Although Aldous began her art career drawing, and still begins some of her works as drawings, she has found that her preferred material is oil paint for its ability to create a variety of textures. Drawing and painting are ways for the artist to experience the world around her. She mentioned, ďI usually sketch when we go to a restaurant or go anywhere. I usually sketch because it makes me feel like Iím experiencing that particular moment that much fuller. So thatís a process for me. Process for me is the feeling of the moment.Ē

A classically trained pianist as well as an accordion player, Aldous feels a relief in painting that she cannot find in musical performance. She stated, ďItís a wonderful balance to playing music, itís kind of like you get to step away from the visual work. With music youíre in it, and youíre expressing it in that moment. With art, you get to step away, and whatever youíve said, youíve said it and put it out into the space, and youíre that much lighter. Itís a wonderful release. And it could be terrifying and very frustrating, but itís a driving force. I show up to my work every single day - no matter what I do, whether itís a little sketch or mixing color, or if itís just looking at things and imagining them. But itís a constant work, itís an obsession. If I donít do it, I feel not myself.Ē

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