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Folkstore Vendors

We are proud to carry products made by the following North Country artists and companies. Their work comes from across the region, including Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Montgomery, Oneida, Onondaga, Saratoga, St. Lawrence, Warren, and Washington counties.

Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm/
      Sandy Maine                                         
Adirondack Rug Braiding
Akwesasne Cultural Center
Anable, Iris
Antwine, Alice
Art Attic/Dancy Noble
Atkinson Family
Bacon, Georgette
Bellinger, Linda
Benesch Creative Enterprises
Bennett, Barbara Brooks
Bentley, Sudjai
Berggren, Dan
Binding Threads
Blue Bird, The
Boyea Family
Brant, Alison
Burnham, Anne
Catamount Lodge & Forest
Charlebois, Dan
Church, Vernice
Clemens, Alice
Crowell, David
David, Alice
Down by the River Crafts
Drinkwine, William
Dux' Dekes Decoy Co.
Fauna on Flora
Fraser Family & Friends
Graber, Wilma & Martha
Green, Holly
Greythorne Fine Art/Anna Gerhard Arnold  
Hall, Audrey
Harding, Mary

Hetzler, Paul
High Peaks Embroidery
Holsen, Renee
Horwitz, Jody
Hurlbut Farms
Johnner, Kenneth
Johnson, Anne
Keim's Wood Handcrafts
Kenny, Maurice
King, Francine
Kirbside Gardens/JoEllen Saumier
Kirby, Sally
Koehler, Gretchen
Lazovik, Nan
LeBeau, Leon
Locy, Roxanne
Marston, Hope
Martinís Pretzel Bakery
Melhado, Isis
Mende, Susan
Miller, Andrew
Miller, John III
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mose and Anna
Miller, Scott
Montan, Kathy
Moser, Loretta
Mueller, Patricia
Newman, Gene
Newton, Andree Dennis
Northern Woodworks/Conrad Stuntz  
Orland, Debbie
Parmer, William
Perkins, Don
Peryer, Fred and Bonnie
Pierce, Louise

Pinkerton, Bob
Raino, Benjamin
Ransom, Stan
Reichert, Sigrid
Riley, Ron
Rycroft, Frederick
Saratoga Sweets
Savage, Jamie
Schneider, Kim
Schwepper-Florin, Lorre
Shea, Frank
Silver Studio/Mary Ann McLaughlin
Smith, Alex
Smith, Bill and Sal
St. Lawrence River Decoys
Stoffel, Anita
Stone Island Press/ Tom French
Stone-McMasters, Suna
Sundaes Best
Surprenant's Berry Farm
Swartzentruber, Delila
Swartzentruber, Jonas
Taillon, Timothy
Taylor Decoys
Taylor, Jack
Tired Iron Sculptures
Underwood Herbs
Utter, Judith
Whiteface Mountain Maple Syrup
Woodcock, Don
Yoder, Andrew
Yoder, Dan
Zuman, Radmila

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